Studio package deal:

Studio hire, camera hire, lighting hire, photographer hire.

8 hour photography and video shoot.

25 hours of video editing, image processing, web processing, web page creation, social media etc

22 Internet ready pictures – Exterior, interior, engine bay, wheels. See the Gallery for examples.

1080P Music Video on our website and YouTube page.

All files provided for you to keep, for personal usage and posting on social media.


Advertising :

The primary business of Prestige Classic is the buying and selling of cars. The cost of the Studio package deal is refunded if you decide to allow us to sell your car for you, other terms and conditions apply. If you wish use the pictures and video to sell your car privately, there is a separate charge of £100.



See your car in a full HD short film, a 360 degree interactive display and a complete set of high resolution images.


Digital photographs are taken in a controlled studio environment using professional lighting and camera equipment. Photographs are taken from multiple angles. All digital photographs are supplied as high resolution jpegs for you to keep.


Videos are captured in 1080p high definition and comprise of multiple shots from multiple angles, set to a music track of the period. All video files will be provided to you to keep.


All photography is copyrighted and branded to Prestige Classic. You may use your own number plates, blank number plates or Prestige Classic plates for the photo shoot.

The video is copyrighted to Prestige Classic and is in .mp4 format. For posting online the copy right brand is not to be removed from the video. Prestige Classic plates or your own plates are required for the video shoot.

The web rotate 360 is copyrighted to Prestige Classic. You may use your own number plates, blank number plates or Prestige Classic plates for the web rotate 360.

Videos, photographs and 360 displays are for personal use. They may be posted generally online, on social media sites and forums. To use the photographs and media to sell your car privately on commercial websites, there is an additional charge. If you wish to take photographs with us now and sell your car with us at a future date, photography costs will be refunded on car sale.

The rotating platform can carry up to 3500Kg, accept cars with a wheelbase of up to 4 metres, height of up to 2.1 metres and length of up to 5.25 metres. If it fits, we would love to shoot it – motorbikes, tractors, vans, trailers etc.

We also can provide framed prints, brochures, flyers, T-shirts, posters etc. on request.

Two weeks notice required for cancellations, after which the £100 deposit will not be returned.

We may ask permission to display your car in our Gallery section. Prestige Classic accept no responsibility for displaying your registration online, as this is a customer decision.