Prestige Classic are proud to use Polished Pursuits for the detailing of our cars. Poor washing and polishing techniques (plus salty winter roads) all damage your cars paint work. Detailing your car using machine polishing restores your car to showroom condition or better.


Prestige Classic are the EXCLUSIVE UK distributor of Door Defender. For sale on www.doordefender.net

Door Defender is a padded magnetic barrier which attaches to your car doors and protects them from neighbouring car door impacts. Each one has two pads which protect the front and rear door. The pads may be orientated in any way and joined together so are suitable for two door cars also.


Photography: if you wish to utilise our car photography, video and 360 degree interactive display facilities, please feel free to contact us.

Web Design: Prestige Classic also offer a complete car dealer website design service to include video, 360 displays and high resolution pictures.


The Prestige Classic car photograph studio may also be used as a conventional studio for taking pictures of large groups of people such as sports teams, large families or models. The brilliant white infinity wall extends across three walls, making it one of the largest studios available. The studio is available to hire for professional photographers who may bring their own equipment, or we can supply the lights and camera for hire. Our rates are very reasonable; please contact us for a quotation.

We can provide photography, video and interactive displays for a wide variety of large objects. If you are a local business and would like to boost your online profile we can photograph and video your product professionally, provide you with a 360 degree interactive spinning display, assist you with updating your website or design you a new website. Our web design prices are very reasonable, hundreds of pounds, rather than the thousands that some web design companies quote.


Prestige Classic act as an agent for a rotating floor specialist. Car turntables are used by private individuals who do not have the space to turn their cars safely in their garage or drive way. They are also used in car show rooms for demonstration or for photography applications. Car turntables come in a variety of sizes and can support vehicles up to 3500KG. Please contact us if you are interested in a very competitive quotation.