£24995 – Better than Concours Mini. As Brand New, 1975 Austin Mini, with 0 miles. Stunning Cool Blue.

Brand new Heritage shell, High spec suspension, 1275cc Mg Metro engine, Remarkable Nappa leather and Alcantara interior. MOT for this sale.

The perfect Mini. Surely a fantastic car to drive, for the lucky owner who is brave enough to increase the mileage from 0. With a Brand new Heritage shell, high specification suspension by Alan Roddy and a 1275cc MG Metro engine and gearbox by Irish Mini rally legend Mervyn Johnston, this Mini is something special. A fastidiously completed Mini, that would take pride of place in any museum or private collection. Not to be missed, a car which will provide endless hours of pleasure simply to behold, now imagine what it would be like to drive.

The paintwork on this car is in breath taking condition. A Brand new heritage shell was painted in a very tasteful “Cool Blue” with contrasting black roof, which sets out the colour theme throughout the car. The shell was placed on a body spit to allow the underside to have each seam sealed and protected with a durable body shoots/stone chip coating. Whilst on the spit all new brake and fuel lines were added, front to rear. An extensive detailing has produced a stunning finish on this car, which is much admired. All new chrome and black trims were used throughout along with new seals front to rear, ensuring no leaks or steamy windows. No aspect has been missed, new wipers and wiper motor, window regulators refurbished and re-greased along with new handles and locks throughout. A new MK1 grille and MK1/2 rear number plate holder finish the classic look. New stainless steel bumpers were colour matched with the roof and Group 2 wheel arches added.

As impressive as the exterior, if not more so, is the dazzling interior. High quality Nappa leather and Alcantara are used throughout with gorgeous quilted effect diamond stitching. The dashboard, door cards, front and rear seats are all trimmed in a similar fashion. New cushion was used on the rear seat and fantastic retro racer style seats trimmed in the same way are up front. LUKE harnesses, classic round gear knob and MOMO Prototipo steering wheel complete the look. A completely new wiring loom is fitted throughout with MK2 rear lamps, new headlamps and a completely custom dashboard loom created to power a selection of beautiful magnolia Smith gauges, including Speedo, rev counter, fuel, clock, oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature. These have been mounted on a custom dashboard with flocked upper and lower dash rails and steering column.

A 1275cc MG Metro engine and gearbox was sourced, stripped and completely rebuilt by Mervyn Johnston, an Irish Mini rally legend behind the wheel and in the workshop. New twin SU carbs feed a ported and polished, 11 stud head with larger valves. Internally it has been bored +0.60 ” with Omega pistons and lightened and balanced connecting rods, crankshaft and flywheel. The camshaft is the popular Swiftune SW5, practical enough should town driving present itself but given the opportunity it will allow the engine to sing in the higher rev’s on the open road. A completely refurbished gearbox houses a 4 pin differential and refurbished linkages ensuring a smooth gear change each time. A new 3 branch exhaust exits through a tasteful rolled tip, emitting a fantastic sound and smell that can’t be recreated in today’s modern cars. Alan Roddy, a local Mini specialist, has ensured this car starts easily on the first turn of the key every time.

The suspension is of incredibly high specification with GAZ adjustable dampers, height adjustable Hi-Lo’s, adjustable camber front arms and adjustable camber plates on the rear radius arms. Great time has been spent by Alan Roddy to achieve a mix of rewarding suspension geometry for road driving pleasure but also a high level of comfort and compliance to ensure this car remains useable on the road using tried and tested geometry and settings. The same performance is expected of the braking with new alloy 4 pot callipers and 7.5″ brake discs, on the rear alloy Minifin brake drums along with all new backing plates, shoes, springs and brake cylinders. Similarly all new brake and clutch master cylinders were fitted and a brake servo retained, keeping the braking performance up to date. Genuine twin fuel tanks have been fitted both for their look and the ability to enjoy this car on long trips. Freshly built MB Racing split rim’s cement this Mini’s racer looks, 10×5.5″ and wrapped in Yokohama A032R, the wheels have been anodised silver to make them much more durable and easier to maintain.

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